Australian National University, 2017 -
Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses
Language and Society
Child language acquisition
Qualitative Research methods
Language and Society in Indigenous Australia

University of Michigan, 2007 - 2017
Introduction to Sociolinguistics (Undergraduate and Graduate courses)
Perspectives on Bilingualism (Undergraduate and Graduate courses)
Language Contact (Graduate course)
Perspectives on First Language Acquisition (Graduate course) Start talking: Introduction to first language acquisition (Undergraduate course)
Introduction to Language (Undergraduate course)
Perspectives on Endangered Languages (Undergraduate course)
Language contact: A Case Study (Graduate course)
Language documentation and field methods (Undergraduate and Graduate course)

Linguistic Society of America 2013 Linguistic Institute at the University of Michigan: Universality and Variability. Course: The role of children in language contact and change. June 24 - July 19

Linguistic Society of America 2009 Linguistic Institute at UC Berkeley: Linguistic structure and language ecologies. Course: Linguistic effects of language shift and attrition. July 27 - August 13

Executive teacher in bilingual education schools in the Northern Territory, Australia (see Department of Employment, Education and Training Bilingual Education Program) Lajamanu Community Education Centre, Warlpiri, 1998-2001; Central Australian schools 2007; Languages taught in the schools: Warlpiri / Luritja / Pitjantjatjara and English

Advanced Diploma of Teaching, Batchelor College (now Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education ), Batchelor, Northern Territory, Australia 1996-97

ESL and EFL teaching in a variety of contexts, to children and adults 1984-1995


Australian National University, 2017 -
PhD student Emma Browne is working on language acquisition, negotiation and use in multilingual classrooms of remote central Australia.
PhD student Susan Poetsch is working on children’s Arrernte in Central Australia.

University of Michigan, 2007 - 2017
PhD 2013 Erica Beck: The Role of Socio-indexical Information in Regional Accent Discrimination by 5-7 Year Old Children
Qualifying Research Papers (QRP) (equivalent to a Masters Thesis)
2016 Ariana Bancu: Contact-induced variaion in Viscri Saxon verb clusters
2015 David Ogden: The effects of experience on second-language consonant detection: Non-native vowel context speeds identification of non-native consonant categories
2012 Tridha Chatterjee: Bilingual compound verbs in Bengali-English codeswitching Undergraduate Honors theses
2014 Gabrielle Valentic: The Influences of Teacher Multilingual Linguistic Response of Spanish-English Bilingual Student Linguistic Output
2013 Frances Morton: The Sex Trade: Language Ideology Behind “Sex Work” and “Sex Trafficking”
2013 Julia Bogen (2nd reader): Corrective feedback in L2 learning
2012 Amy Hemmeter: Gender and Formality Effects on the Production of Vocal Fry